My first few days as an Aupair

Hey guys,

So of course I am writing this instead of studying for an exam repeat I have coming up in August and have just watched 3 episodes of Suits.. It’s a good thing I didn’t plan on being very productive today πŸ˜›

So my first few days of being an Aupair have been interesting to say the least! I traveled from Cork to Dublin overnight on Sunday night andd from there I flew to Madrid.. meaning I got a grand total of 4 hours sleep (and that’s being generous!) I slept for a while on the bus and then another bit on the plane. When I arrived in Madrid, my host family weren’t there to collect me, they were at a First Holy Communion about 6 hours away. I was being picked up by a friend of theirs who wasn’t there either.. Sure I was grand! They arrived shortly and I went back to their apartment.

What is crazy about the couple who collected me is that they lived in Dublin for almost 10 years and they knew my Mum while they lived in Ireland!! :O In addition to that, I am on the board of an international charity in Ireland and the wife who I was with works in the charities headquarters in Madrid! Of all the people in Madrid, I just happened to be collected by the people who I have not only one but two connections to!

I spent the day with these people,who I felt like I already knew, until I was collected by my host family. They brought me to their house which is about 5 minutes away.. As is typical in Madrid, they live in an apartment complex that forms a square around a garden with a pool and a paddle court along with various toys for the kids to play on. I don’t know if this is typical anywhere else but I found it pretty damn cool!

I met the kids who I am going to be looking after for the next 5 and a bit weeks. They are adorable! Their names are Nico, Pablo and Ana. The first evening I was looking after them, they were great fun but we didn’t get anything done! I had to help Pablo with his homework and then get them all to have showers. Pablo took about 3 years to start his homework! If anyone needs hints on procrastination, this kid is a master! They were a bit of a handful but I eventually got them sorted!

Yesterday on the other hand they behaved perfectly! Nico did his homework on time and then we went outside to play paddle (It’s a Spanish game that’s like a mixture of Squash and Tennis). They came in when they were told to and took their showers without me having to ask twice! My secret you may ask? Candy Crush, Temple Run and Angry Birds! Who knew they would come in so handy as bribes!! When one goes for a shower, the other gets to play and then Ana with play it for about 2 minutes before she gets bored and goes and does something else! πŸ™‚

I will have them again at about 5.30 and I am hoping they are going to behave as well as they did yesterday!!

If anyone had any tips on how to manage kids and for getting them to behave, please let me know!

Thanks for reading! ❀

Until next time,

Kathy πŸ™‚


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