Goodbye is always the hardest part

Today I had to say goodbye to one of the hardest people before my trip, my boyfriend. My relationship with him is still fairly new (We’ve been together 4 months) and it is long distance. He lives 186km away and works full-time so I usually get to see him every 2/ 3 weeks. I spent time with him in his city last week and this week he came to stay with me and my family for 2 nights and it was incredible. 😀

I have previously had a complicated relationship but this one feels so right. He met my parents and siblings for the first time this week and it felt like such a surreal experience! He got on so well with everyone! I was, of course, over the moon with this. 🙂  Last week was the first time I got to meet his parents and sister! Once again.. Surreal! It was the first time I was introduced to a boyfriends family and it was the first time I really wanted to introduce him to mine!

Due to the long distance aspect of our relationship, when we see each other, it is incredible, we get on so well and for those hours we are together, everything feels right (Yes, I realise that sounds beyond cheesy!). The goodbyes are never easy though. I usually cry, maybe a small bit or maybe I bawl my eyes out.. it depends on the day! He finds it endearing and sweet that I cry, I hate crying.

Our goodbye today was no different. I am slightly overtired, which aids in me being over-emotional. I cried, actually, it was one big soppy cry fest.. I am pathetic at goodbyes, it’s just the way it is. This was the goodbye that I am going to find the hardest.. I have my friends to say goodbye to tomorrow and Saturday it is my family’s turn.. But as I said to mi amor this afternoon in an attempt to soothe us both, “These few months will fly”… Anddd he is planning to come visit me 😀

This is a slightly soppier post than I was planning, it just kinda wrote itself.. 😛

Talk to you soon,

Thanks for reading ❤




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